Welcome to St. John Windows and Doors academy.htm. Through years of experience, we have cultivated a deep understanding of what homeowners want to know about when they are considering a window purchase. This page is the result of many question and answer sessions with our customers over the years. We hope it will provide you with the understanding you need to make an educated decision about purchasing your windows.

How Much Will Replacement Windows Cost?
Windows are infinitely customizable. There is simply no one-size-fits-all answer. But we can help you understand the options that effect the cost of new hardware. And our Store provides prices for the exact window you want!
Is It Time to Replace Your Old Windows?
Replacement windows can offer many benefits. If your home is cold or drafty, or if your windows are just difficult to operate and maintain, then you might be ready to consider purchasing new.
What Are The Available Types of Windows?
Each operational style has tradeoffs with regards to insulation capacity, ease of operation and price. Your decision will be much clearer once you understand these variants.
Other Considerations
Aside from benifits like energy savings, ease of maintenance and operation, comfort and style, there are a couple of other things to think about.

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