How Much Will Replacement Windows Cost?

Because it is so difficult to get answers on price we decided to try and help. Get the best possible insight into how much your new project is going to cost with RenoNerd

There is simply no one-size-fits-all answer. It really is up to you!

A smaller bedroom or kitchen window replacement will cost between $600 and $1200, a larger living room window is usually $1500 to $3000. Bay and bow installations can be considerably more costly both in the price of the product and the installation complexity. A small bay window could be as low as $2500 installed and a great big bow living room window could cost upwards of $10000 for the Cadillac model.

While there are an overwhelming number of factors affecting the price of any job, The following article will help you make a well educated and wise decision whichever options you choose.

New Window Cost Factors

Every product we sell is high-quality, energy-star rated, and guaranteed to last. Higher quality windows come with an additional cost due to additional materials and more complex engineering required. But build quality isn’t the only factor.

The information below will help you compare features and options that will affect the price of your new window hardware. Further down you can find information about factors affecting the cost of installation itself.

Frame Size

This is the most obvious factor. As the size of the window increases, more and more materials are required, and the engineering becomes more complex. Expect a large living room window, for example, to cost more than a small bathroom replacement.

Operational Style

More mechanics in a windows operation means more cost for the window overall. A slider or hung window will generally be cheaper than a casement style.

More information about these operational styles and the advantages of each can be found here.

Type Product Price Only*
Single Hung $285 - $450
Picture $300 - $1200
Casement $200 - $1400
Sliding $285 - $800
Bay and Bow $1500 - $5000

* Note that other factors not listed here also can effect pricing

Materials Used in Production

For the best return, replace windows with the same or higher quality material. Don’t downgrade. Vinyl is by far the most popular choice for new windows these days, being virtually free of maintenance compared to wood. Windows produced with other materials will however provide the same energy efficiency benefits provided that their engineering and build quality is acceptable.

Type Material*
Vinyl $100 - $900
Fiberglass $500 - $1500
Composite $300 - $1200

* Note that other factors not listed here also can effect pricing

Glazing Options

These options are the most important ones to consider for energy savings. Adding another pane of glass, applying a low-e coating or filling the spaces between panes with better insulating materials will boost the overall efficiency of your new windows.

Other glazing options are geared towards aesthetics. These are options like obscure glass, grills or simulated dividing lines. They will affect appearance but do little to provide a better-quality window.

Manufacturer or Product Line

Different manufacturers will set their priorities differently from one another. For that reason windows and doors can have wildly varying prices depending on who built it and where. A window designed for the weather in Florida cannot be expected to perform in a Saskatchewan winter and the price will reflect the higher build quality required.

Most manufacturers also provide several different product lines with varying efficiency, operational and cosmetic standards in order to meet the various price requirements of our customers.

Shipping Considerations

All the windows have to get from point A to point B. Often shipping is provided by the manufacturer and rolled into the price. However, in some cases special treatment is required or the delivery is to a remote location. Ordering specialty windows from outside the country for example, will incur customs duty and brokerage charges. These factors can increase cost.


The length of your warranty, and what is covered by it can very by manufacturer and in some cases even the product line. In general a product with a more modest warranty will be of lower quality.

Not only do the products we sell come with a 20 year warranty, but we also back our own workmanship with a 10 year warrantee on installation. This is the best installation warranty we have found in the business. Learn more about our Installation Warranty.

Installation Cost Factors

No two jobs are alike. While the goal is to make cost differences balance out to a consistent hourly rate for all jobs, due to various degrees of difficulty, professional installation costs also vary from job to job.

The following are some of the factors which can affect the cost of your installation.

Altering an Existing Frame

Usually this problem arises when a new windows has been ordered with imprecise measurements. If we don’t have ½” around the frame for proper insulation our install is not considered complete. We may need to remove material, or even reframe the opening. Incorrectly sized replacement windows can also affect the cosmetics and effectiveness of your exterior and interior finishing.

If we do the measuring and installation for your new windows and encounter any problems related to inaccurate measurements during our installation we accept full responsibility and will make the appropriate adjustments at no cost to you.

Unforeseen Structural Deficiencies

Some problems we just can’t budget for in every job. There are rare occurrences where we open up a wall and find an awful mess. This is something that just happens, especially in older homes. We deal with these issues on a case by case basis. Additional work and a cost estimate will need your approval before we move forward.

The most common example of this is water damage inside the wall. This is repaired by replacing any damaged or rotted wood in the wall after removing your old window and before the new one is installed. Usually this is simple and only requires some additional material and time.

In some cases, however additional trades may be required to do the repairs. If the damage is too great or if structural components need to be adjusted, those jobs must be delegated to the appropriate experts.

Difficulty Accessing the Install Location

Second and Third story locations are more difficult to access and take more time. Additionally, it may be very difficult to access a window opening due to the terrain or space constraints. Details like this can affect installation cost.

Remoteness of the Job Site

We will work anywhere. If we do a job outside of our regular service area there may be additional costs for mileage, lodging, or other travel related expenses.

Type Price*
Standard Full Frame Replacement $250
Reduce or Expand Opening $100
Remove/Reinstall Siding $100
2nd Story/3rd Story $50 - $100
Bay and Bow Replacement $1000

* Note that other factors not listed here also can effect pricing