Proper installation is essential. We’ve come across numerous clients who attempted to install their own windows or doors and ran into issues down the line. If installed incorrectly or sloppily, even the best windows may have air and water leaks, operate incorrectly, settle oddly, or even warp over time. If procedures are not followed properly, there’s also the possibility of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty..
As you may have read above, we only supply the products that we believe are the best, and we sell a variety of them at different price points. RenoNerd put the same diligence into our installations – never compromising the integrity of our work by skipping steps or doing a sloppy job. Our nerdlets maintain the same standard in their workmanship as we do in our products.
Our Installation Process
  • Quote
    Our aim is to help you make an informed decision. As such, we strive to provide you with adequate information and encourage you to ask any question that comes to mind – even if it doesn’t come to mind until hours after we have left, feel free to give us a call. To do this, we typically schedule an initial visit to take detailed measurements and gain a full understanding of the aesthetics of your home and what you are trying to accomplish.
    At this time, it’s very likely that you’ll meet WindowMan. If installing windows and doors was a superpower, WindowMan would be a superhero – with a big ‘W’ on his chest and a red cape on his back. He will take the time to understand your wants and needs, aim to outline any potential obstacles or difficulties that may arise, and provide you with an array of options.
    Subsequently, we draw up a quote so you can understand the cost of the product or products you are considering ordering. We contact the manufacturer to determine product price and then outline all of your costs. Do you like hidden costs? No? Neither do we! That’s why we put everything in writing for you to examine. Unless we encounter an unforeseen obstacle during installation (like if we find black mold hidden in your walls and you ask us to properly eliminate it), the written estimate is golden. At least for 30 days, as that’s how long the manufacturers guarantee the prices of their products. If a month passes and you decide you want to proceed, we can check with the manufacturer again – typically the price is very similar to the original estimate, which means you may have to pay a few more dollars or you may end up with a sweet sweet discount.
    Finally, it’s time to make a plan and get the job done! We first verify the order and obtain a shipping date from the manufacturer. Then we give you a shout and schedule your installation. Then, bingo bango, on the scheduled day, you come home and see a big beautiful window! Or door. Or siding. Or whatever it is you wanted us to renovate for you. But the main thing is, and we can’t emphasize this enough, you’ll be thrilled with your home’s new look!
  • Installation
    OK, OK, we got a little excited above. Once we have scheduled an installation, there’s still lots of work for WindowMan and the nerdlets to take care of. First, we come in and remove your old windows, doors or siding. Then we confirm that everything is on track as scheduled. As mentioned, there are occasions when we may encounter unforeseen problems that are impossible to detect before opening your wall. If we encounter structural issues such as wood rot or water damage, we’ll give you a shout and we’ll make a plan to rectify the situation at as little additional cost as possible. But occasions like this are rare. Generally, bada bing bada boom, we install your products to the utmost of our abilities, clean up the area, and hold our breath as we await for your inevitable approval.
    Note: our goal is to leave your home in the same lovely state in which we found it, only with the upgrades you’ve ordered. This means that we take care of your home as if it were our own. Once your hardware is installed, insulated and beautifully finished, RenoNerd will clean up any mess that is incidental to our work. Have a multi-day project for us? No problem. The nerdlets will clean up after themselves every day they are there. We will take great care to leave your home in the same condition in which we found it!
    Do you have precious heirlooms near the work area? We would hate for them to be knocked over accidentally, so it would be swell if you could move them away from the workspace before we arrive. The same holds true for large obstacles.
  • Post Installation
    Some people finish a job and then leave and you never even hear from them again. That’s so sad! At RenoNerd, we pride ourselves on our follow-through. Once your job is complete and you’ve had some time to inspect it, we will contact you to ensure our work meets or exceeds your expectations. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, offer advice, or discuss future projects you may have. This offer of help holds true at any time after your installation. Two years later, a question might occur, and we’d then be happy to field your call and give you our two cents. We will even help you move! OK, we won’t help you move, but you’ll find WindowMan and our nerdlets so doggone helpful that you may feel like we’re close enough friends that you could ask us. The point of all this is: Our commitment to our customers extends long after the last payment has been made.
  • Installation Warranty
    Sometimes, as time passes, bad things may occasionally happen and your once-beautiful product loses its glimmer. As stated above, RenoNerd is happy to remain part of your life, and this especially includes the times when things are down. Naturally, the products we sell have warranties, which differ from product to product. Moreover, RenoNerd provides warranty on all labour for 10 years from the date of installation; during this time, all parts and labour costs will be included. If the fault is ours, we’ll own up to it and make you whole. If there’s a defect with the product, it’s on the manufacturer and we will help you make your claim and reinstall new products.
    This installation warranty is valid to the home for 10 years. If you decide to sell your house, it is fully transferrable to the new home owner so you can list that as a feature of the home.
    Naturally, like in all matters, a warranty may be voided due to negligence or mistreatment. It’s unlikely you’d intend to damage your home, but accidents do happen. In such cases, we would still be glad to help you out, but you would incur all relevant expenses. Don’t worry though – we’d give you a good deal.

Installation Warranty
RenoNerd provides warranty on all labor for 10 years from the date of installation; during this time parts and labour costs will be included. If we find it reasonable judgment that the attention required is covered by this warranty we will promptly make the required repairs or adjustments at our sole cost and expense.
This installation warranty is fully transferrable to the new home owner if you sell your house.
Only if we find the repairs are required due to some sort of negligence or mistreatment of the product will the warranty be void. We would then charge for any of the work, materials, or parts required to make the repair to your installation.