Window Treatment Styles

Our blinds and other window treatments are sourced from Graber Blinds as well as Canadian Blind Manufacturers. We offer a discount on our blinds when purchased with your new windows.


Made with slats that rotate from open to closed positions allowing you to precisely control privacy and light levels. Blinds can also be pulled up so they stack at the top of the window allowing unobstructed views and even more light from the outside.
Vertical blinds operate in much the same fashion. However, as the name implies, the slats are orientated vertically and they stack to one side or the other. Most often, these are used with doors or very wide window openings.
These treatments are quite easy to maintain as they are not usually made of fabric so a quick wipe with a damp cloth is enough.
Blinds do require the most complex operating hardware usually consisting of a cord or endless loop system for pulling the stack up and down, and a separate wand control for slat rotation control.


Shades are usually made of fabric rolled up at the top of the window, and are operated by simply pulling them up or down. In some cases, shades can be drawn down from the top of the window as well as up from the bottom allowing control at the top and bottom of your window.
Cellular shades stack in much the same way as blinds but they are made of multiple layers of fabric which create cells like a honeycomb. These trap air inside and hence provide great insulation.
Being made of fabric these treatments can be more of a hassle to clean, but usually a quick pass with the vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

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Interior mounted shutters are the ultimate in privacy and light blocking. When fully opened they will not block any of your view, when closed they completely cover it. Horizontal slats can be rotated for fine adjustments.
They swing in so you can’t place furniture too close without impeding their operation. Also when fully opened each shutter will cover a portion of the wall beside your window. This makes them less than ideal for windows which are close together.

We offer the following variaties of shutters from


While not technically a window treatment, the moldings you place around openings can truly overhaul the aesthetics of your room. With the right choice you can almost eliminate the need for treatments, although the light blocking and insulation benefits would not be there.