Warranty Information

Our nerdy technicians have been fully trained by our manufacturers and they are fully qualified to provide warranty service on all of their windows, doors, siding and more. This includes numerous issues covered by the manufacturers' warranty, including operation adjustments, glass replacements, and more. If RenoNerd (or its predecessor St. John Windows and Doors) installed your products, you know that we can amend any unforeseen issues. But we also have vast training that enables us to repair issues by windows and doors installed by other companies – even if you don’t know who first installed your products, there’s a good chance RenoNerd can fix your issues.
Manufacturer warranty (Outline)
On the products we install, the Manufacturer warranty will provide, at the very least, the following features:
  • 20 Years
    On seal failure of the insulated glass unit
    On vinyl window components
  • 10 Years
    On peeling, bubbling, cracking, flaking, or chipping of paint on metal cladding or vinyl (PVC)
  • 5 Years
    On warpage of steel and fiberglass doors
  • 2 Years
    On warpage of wood, metal clad doors
  • 1 Year
    On spontaneous glass breakage
For single family stand-alone residences, the warranty is transferable to the new homeowners when you sell your house.

Installation Warranty
RenoNerd’s nerdlets are proud of their work and confident that they did their best. As such, we offer a warranty on all our labour for 10 years from the date of installation. As you may have read elsewhere on this website, if we find it reasonable that the attention required is covered by this warranty, we will promptly repair or adjust your issues. During this time, parts and labour costs will be included. If the damage is deemed to have been caused by negligence or mistreatment, the warranty would naturally be void.
Just like the manufacturer’s warranty, our installation warranty is fully transferrable to the new home owner if you should ever sell your house.