RenoNerd Price Estimation

Do you want to know what new replacement window installation will cost in your Saskatoon home?

Estimating the cost of a new window can be a monumental task, especially for the uninitiated. The first part of the problem is the price of the actual window itself. Every replacement window is manufactured to a custom specification. The price of your new window depends on many factors including:

When you order a pizza you generaly have 3 sizes to choose from and then you can add the toppings you want at a set price. In contrast, The options for the size of a window frame alone can be one of hundreds of thousands of different prices.

The RenoNerd Solution

We have taken it upon ourselves to personally solve this problem, and provide you with a direct answer. And here it is! To the right of your screen (or below this lengthy explaination on mobile) you will find the RenoNerd window pricing calculator. This, first of it's kind, tool will give you the best possible insight into how much your new window is going to cost.

Thanks to our leading edge technology, we can shine a light on this complex problem for you like never before.

To use this application simply enter the dimensions of your window and select the options you would like.

Clicking on a section of the window will allow you to select and modify an individual section's properties, such as operational type, size, and decoration.

As you make alterations to your design the cost of your new window will be updated.

RenoNerd Labour Estimation

Installation and Materials Survey

In order to get an estimate for labour costs we need to know a little bit more about where the new window will be installed. To do this we have a few questions. Fill out the survey to the right of the screen (below on mobile) to get a price range for the installation of different types of windows in varying locations.